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Blue Inc is a chain of fashion retail stores based and operating across the United Kingdom. It was notable for being one of the largest menswear retailers in the country until 2016. It had stores nationwide, mainly in larger towns and cities. Around the time of its closure, it had 100+ stores across the United Kingdom. The business traded under both The Officers Club and Blue Inc names.


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Manager (Former Employee) says

"Never want to work for a Company like Blue Inc.. I wouldn’t never want anyone to go through what I did.. higher management treat you like animals and that’s really bad"

Work Experience Placement (Former Employee) says

"don't buy stuff from here the zips fall off everything i.e. clothing shoes and so on broke just the worst place to work the shop was never cleaned dust every whereno prosno cons"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"My time at Blue Inc was yet another good learning opportunity in which I gained valuable experience. My customer service skills were strengthened furthermore, as I was in an environment which constantly required communication with customers, through recommended outfits, checking sizes, it was very much based around speaking with customers.NothingNothing"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Wasn't notified when I was due to come in work. The day I was due to come in I was later told by the manager that there was no long any space for me and I had to leave."

Store Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Under staffed, consistenly being rushed, bad management, unmotivated workers. would not recommend working there as it is not worth the money you get paid."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"it is a average retail shop but the expectations for targets are to much and when we have to cash up we stay over for longer and do not get paid.long hours"

Delivery driver (Current Employee) says

"I dont want to be negative but this is a horrible company to work for. Low payments, very bad relations, ...If you will have some problems the company will never ever help you. If you broke something you will pay for that.noduring Chrismass"

Trainee Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company doesn't know how to support their employees or treat them. They have a 'one way' system, if you're not what they want they will set you as an outcast.50 % discountNo leadership"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"i only did work experience for 5 days. but it was a fun place to work. i enjoyed working with my co workers very much. I felt like it was a small family and dealing with customers was the best part. you would meet so many friendly people and have a good rapport with them. my hours just went by like that. i wouldn't have minded doing a permanent job there but there was no future for me if i continued my lunchlong hours"

Recruiter, Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"This place is a hoax and is a terrible company to work for. Its door to door sales and they try to trick you saying there are management opportunities."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Wrong payments by pay role Good luck trying to get it backThe worst company when it comes to dealing with any issues you may have there is no replies from head office unless you actuallyShow them court papers You will be underpaid Company will do anything to make money No way of actually getting anything resolved A jobBad management, terrible pay, unorganised"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Daily tasks include replenishing stock and helping customers find the right product.Helped significantly improve communication and customer service skills."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Greeting customers, thanking them for shopping with us. Didn’t learn much Not the best management London based Pros discount on clothes Cons not the best place to work NothingDiscount on clothesManagement"

retail assistant (Former Employee) says

"Blue inc is a very unsafe job as i am currently about to close my job as the store i work for is closing down. I have learnt skills on the till and lots of customer service. I have tasks of taking the rubbish out and cleaning up the store I cash up and handle on clothinglong hours"

Shutdown work cutting machinery (Former Employee) says

"Father an son job father has us thrown off job bunch of shut down work overall pay was good I will work for them again only if they are better well organized."

Trading Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Low pay for a slow environment job. Work place is very dull and boring. Needs a huge improvement with stock as it’s extremely difficult for the store to reach there target when i was working there"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I greeted customers and helped them with what it was they were looking for. I learnt a lot with how to deal with customers and fitting rooms as well as working quick and efficiently in a busy environment. Management was not very understanding and quite unprofessional. Most of my co workers were very helpful and helped me gain a good experience. The hardest part for me was to fix everything in a small amount of time however over time became easier. I mostly enjoyed helping the customers and gaining new skills."

Sales Assistant (Part-time) says

"pay is poor. Management is awful completely lazy never does anything but makes everyone else do everything. Either gets lots of hours or none at all Shop has no heating an is freezing cold with it being only 12 degrees in the shop."

Work Experience (Former Employee) says

"It was boring and I wasn’t given many jobs to do and there were not many customers to serve. The lunch break was only half an hour and the duties were repetitive."

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I didn't work there for that long because I was ill one day and they told me to not bother coming back I think that's harsh and horrible and bullying in a way"

Ali says

"I bought a full sleeveblack T-shirt which was on sale from stratford store.1 week later I tried to exchange but one black guy on till refused it and stated that it seems it was wore. I told that white cotton is mixed little bit from other cloths while hanged with other cloths that any one can understand. The guy was rude while was talking. The experience I had I promise myself never ever step in Blue Inc and I will share my experience on social media with that cloth picture"

Maria Cook says

"Shocking service from Romford store. Returned 4 items bought on promotional 2 for ££. Girl didn’t have a clue. Started refunding, then said she couldn’t coz they were sale items. Receipt has no policy on, just a board with a piece of paper on the till which your suppose to read (obviously whilst your board queuing/waiting?!!!) explained that I bought them in Basildon and was told I could return with my receipt. She phoned her manager, who said I had to come back the next day?! I said no as I had already paid parking and wasn’t coming back again. She then said I can’t deal with you and told me to go back to Basildon - seriously. I was fuming. Went to Basildon, paid to park again and luckily 2 girls who knew what they were doing, eventually got me a full refund, after ringing their manager who advised promo goods are returnable as they are not sale. Advised to complain to head office?! Good luck getting an email or answer on the phone. Absolute worst customer service, rang trading standards now as this chain needs closing. Oh and the email address that trustpilot use to keep the retailer updated - that don’t work either!!"

Zach says

"Returned 2 items to the refund address and heard nothing from them for over 20 days! Customer service don't respond to emails and noone on the phone after 1 hour! Not sure if it is a fake website or not!"

Jahangir Haydar says

"Very disappointing I have ordered two chinos waiting for collection from the local store after one week awaited they sent me that they are unable to deliver due to logistics issues...also they cancelled my order...what a joke" really pissd off...won't be buying anymore clothing from this crapy shop.also don't recommend to anyone to go that shop" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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